Advising and Registration

Advising and Registration

What to expect when you choose your classes.


Each student will be assigned a faculty adviser who will help guide them through the College’s academic program. You will first meet with your faculty adviser during Orientation, when they will assist you in selecting your remaining courses for the fall semester. In order to help your adviser get to know you, please be sure to fill out the online Advising Information form (available in your online admission portal) by June 19.

In addition to your assigned faculty adviser, the Advising Center provides additional support for students with questions related to the curriculum and other academic issues. The Advising Center staff is available to answer questions over the summer and can be consulted in person, by phone or by email.  Completing the Schedule Planning Worksheet prior to orientation will also help you prepare for your first meeting with your adviser.


The registration process starts with advising during orientation. On the Friday of Orientation, you will meet with your faculty adviser to talk about your fall course selections, as well as to discuss some of your academic and career goals. On Sunday, you will register for your remaining classes using Occidental’s online registration system. Members of the O-Team and faculty advisers will be on hand to help you if you get stuck.

By the end of Orientation you should be fully enrolled in 16 units. If necessary, you can change your schedule by dropping and adding courses (if there are available seats) through the end of the first week of classes.

Note: You do register online in advance only for your CSP course. Learn more about this course and the registration process here.

Placement Exams

  • If you intend to take courses in mathematics, chemistry, Spanish, French or German at any time while attending Occidental, you must take the appropriate online placement exam(s) by August 15.  
  • In many cases, your placement results will allow you to have priority registration for fall courses in the relevant department. Please contact the Advising Center by August 17 to register for any courses in which you may have been placed. Some courses may fill up quickly during Orientation, so registering over the summer may be beneficial.  Please note that you will have the option to change your course schedule (i.e. add/drop courses) during Orientation, so there’s no risk involved in registering for a placement course during the summer.
  • In addition to the online exams, in-person placement exams for music theory, Japanese, Latin, Arabic, Chinese and Russian will be administered during Orientation. A schedule of these placement exams will be included in the Orientation materials you will receive when you arrive in August.
  • For more information, contact the Advising Center.