• Commencement at Oxy

    Celebrating Commencement

  • Dance production at Oxy

    With your helping hand, Oxy traditions like Dance Production will continue to flourish.

  • giving samuelson alumni center alumni relations

    Oxy's spanking new Samuelson Alumni Center was financed entirely through donor support.


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This place students call home for four years couldn't exist without you. The Quad; Hameetman Science Center; Patterson Field; Hillside Theater; Rangeview Hall; courses in nanochemistry, South African politics, and the moral philosophy of David Hume; the Glee Club; the olive grove—everything.

When you make your gift, you can specify how it will be used or you can contribute to the Oxy Fund. You can help fund scholarships for students, support research opportunities, or contribute to our state-of-the-art facilities and curriculum. You can also make a long-lasting impact for any of the above by exploring gift planning options at Oxy.

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