Campus living isn’t all communal bathrooms and extra-long twin beds. At Oxy, it’s a huge part of your college experience.

The first three years spent living on campus seal the bonds of our tight-knit community. We’re not just peers, we’re neighbors and friends.

Most seniors enjoy campus life enough to stick around for their fourth year as well. What keeps them coming back? Could be the weekend social events, or the nonstop activity in halls and common areas. The weekly hall spreads—study breaks fully equipped with snacks and good conversation—probably don’t hurt either.

In addition to our 13 coed and student-governed residential halls, we also offer themed living communities. Students can choose to live in the Women’s Center, Multicultural Hall, Sustainability House, or any number of options designed to bring students with similar academic and personal interests together under one roof.

Have questions? Residential Education & Housing Services is here to help.