Martha Matsuoka, Associate Professor, Urban & Environmental Policy Institute. 



We know we’re not going to single-handedly stop global warming. But we’re doing our part.

Faculty, students, and staff are all represented on our Sustainability Committee, a task force that implements Oxy’s commitment to Earth-friendly and forward-looking initiatives.

Beyond the basics of recycling and using green products, Oxy generates its own solar power, composts in the dining hall, and requires all new construction and renovations meet LEED silver standards. And that’s only part of our long-term strategy.

Student-led efforts and the popularity of our Urban and Environmental Policy program are proof of our conscientious campus. We think about where our food comes from and how our water usage affects the desert Los Angeles is built upon. We ride bikes and share cars.

From residence halls and the dining facilities to administrative offices and the Facilities yard, sustainability efforts are becoming second nature at Oxy.