Taiko rhythms fill the air as students and faculty file into Thorne Hall at the dawn of each academic year.



You don't hang around for 125 years without picking up a few habits along the way.

Like many colleges, Oxy has a beloved alma mater, a traditional yell, and an ancient rival. Every year we throw an amazing birthday party. Other Oxy traditions are, well, a little less traditional, including a fearsome Tiger mascot named Oswald and an annual water balloon fight between seniors and the president.

Some traditions are so deeply rooted in campus life that few people think of them as traditions: things like senior comps or Dance Production or the Glee Club. Not everyone is an enthusiastic participant: some people don't like getting tossed into Gilman Fountain on their birthday, and the administration hates tunneling.

Put them all together, though, and it's unmistakably Oxy.